Sunday, December 12, 2010

Dwa Suparna

A mischievous campaign is on proposing takeover of the Ashram by the Govt. That is the only alternative they find to the present management. This is absurd. Why no one else from the two thousand strong community can assume the mantle is never explained. Conversely, two or three leading names are constantly vilified as if rest of the inmates are a bunch of mere impotents.

Such a situation is not only shameful but also pitiable. Manoj Das Gupta’s long tenure must terminate immediately, if not for anything else, for advanced age. His successor can very well be chosen by democratic consultative procedures. This simple step can obviate the legal intervention and usher in peace. Manoj Das, who had once promptly resigned voluntarily from the post of a trustee, should prevail upon his namesake to do a favour in the interest of everyone. [TNM]        


  1. Government takeover is atrocious...we don't want spectrum, bofors and other scams...

  2. This is what may happen, as it has happened with Auroville, if massacre and slur don't come to an end.