Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Savitri Era Religion is the sole solution for resolving the Dalit issue

[The Hour the Candle Burns the Express Buzz Ravi Shankar Etteth26 Apr 2011  Then there are the others — Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Ramana Maharishi, the Mother of Auroville, Sree Narayana Guru — whose teachings were the real miracles; they liberated men’s minds, hearts and souls with ablutions of knowledge; they changed the lives of those they touched bringing them into a path that only went forward.]

[The immortal Bharati

‎ The Hindu - 4 Apr 2011 P. SUNDARESAN 

How his enforced 10-year exile in Pondicherry proved a blessing for Bharati in that he could get to know and move with Sri Aurobindo is delineated by the ...]

[Sai Baba, his life and legacy The Hindu ... In the complex spiritual spectrum of modern-day India, Sai Baba may not have been associated with a metaphysical and transcendent philosophy like Sri Aurobindo, or the fervent devotion to the divine that often sent Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa into a trance, or the self-enquiry and non-dualism that made Sri Ramana Maharishi a silent, yet eloquent preceptor. Yet Sai Baba's simple message of love and harmony — mostly soaked in the language of Hindu philosophy, but often in a universal strain — was enough to draw the masses towards him. ... Opinion - Editorials]

[Study on Savitri

‎ The Hindu - 11 Apr 2011 CHARUKESI

SAVITHRIYIL ORU PAYANAM: Prema Nandakumar; Pub. by Savithri Bhavan, Auroville-605101. Rs. 150.
THERE CAN be no better person than Prema Nandakumar to write on the life of Sri Aurobindo or on his magnum opus Savitri. Savitri, according to the Mother, ...]

Manoj Joshi's blog: There is more to change than mere laws 

by manoj joshi An anti-corruption movement requires far greater depth than the one that went into the Anna Hazare fast. Reform movements around the world have come about in clusters in the 1830s, 1860s and 1920s  in  UK,  in the 1830s, 1900s and 1930s in the US.  Reform occurs in a  certain climate and covers multiple subjects — education, health, temperance, the rights of labour and so on. The activists often straddle several interests. Jyotiba Phule was involved in movements to uplift Dalits, gender equality and reforming religion. Gandhi’s various interests, too, are well known.  ]

The pioneering struggle by Jyotiba Phule for eradicating untouchability and allied social prejudices has not borne fruit even after 150 years. The Constitution of India, paradoxically, is perpetuating a system of twin classes of citizens. No amount of neo-Hindu communitarianism can put an end to this deep rooted schism. Savitri Era Religion is the sole solution for resolving the Dalit issue in India. [TNM]

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