Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Mother & Sri Aurobindo are principal guides of the humanity now

The Mother & Sri Aurobindo are indisputably the principal guides of the humanity at present.  Their ideas have travelled far and wide with a cross section of current thinkers concurring in their recent publications. This is a welcome trend. Intellectual indebtedness is a more abiding relationship than mere devotional acquiescence. Being convinced is a far superior commitment than formal emotionalism.

Sri Aurobindo was adequately educated for formulating a satisfactory ontology. But his hard earned spiritual insights helped him to penetrate the heart of the matter. The Mother’s collaboration brought perfection and collectively their thought constitutes a sterling knowledge system. After many vicissitudes of history and convulsions of socio-political ideologies, today we find their teachings safe, secure, and unruffled.

There are complains, nonetheless, especially relating to tardiness, arising out of impatience and misplaced expectations. Another pitfall is the false hope of a specific habitat transforming itself. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo, it's fruitful to remember, never promised any particular time limit. The frustration, therefore, is self-created often derived from one's own existential dilemmas.

As covering the large corpus of their original works and allied exegetical literature is a daunting task, prematurely succumbing to conceptual rigidities and literalism is a likely hazard. A brush with various fallacies and tools of critical thinking including post-modernist perspective, therefore, can go a long way in appreciating the vast canvas that The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have bequeathed. [TNM]

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