Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hazare, Husain, & Heehs

Vanvaas from Ram’s India vs. Freedom, Equality and Husain shows how even extremely perceptive perspectives can be diametrically opposite. We have seen it all courtesy the Heehs imbroglio. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo, therefore, always insisted that the Supramental won’t arrive by perfecting the intellect. But the intellect is also a candidate for transformation and hence it can’t be faulted for on-the-job aspiration.    

Conceding that truth and justice are multi-layered and sensitivity apropos plurality and diversity is a must, we all harbour a secret longing for the certainty and the sole. A seamless transition from one to the other becomes possible in the magic formula of Unity, Mutuality, & Harmony. This constitutes a tremendous assurance for overcoming all Manichean contraries. But the challenge is that, discerning the right path or voting for the right opinion happen in the hubbub of ordinary activities. [TNM55]           

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