Thursday, June 30, 2011

No words for K.D. Sethna

[Peek at tweeting pope's new portal - Faith & Reason By Cathy Lynn Grossman, USA TODAY Jun 29, 2011 - Pope Benedict XVI has fired off a tweet to the world, launching the communications-challenged Vatican into yet another new media realm. It's already on Facebook and YouTube. …
For the those who have been waiting impatiently for Rome to get it's message act together, the announcement of the new portal intended to be an easy, up-to-date aggregate site for Vatican information, was a hopeful sign. Earlier this year, the Vatican had a blogger summit that encouraged the Catholic voices to help spread it's message.] 
[India: morto KD Sethna, discepolo prediletto di Sri Aurobindo - Il filosofo indiano KD Sethna, uno dei primi e più famosi discepoli di Sri Aurobindo, teorico dello yoga integrale di fama mondiale, è morto in un villaggio ...
... il poeta e scrittore ha pubblicato oltre 40 libri, tra saggi, raccolte di racconti e di poesie, alcuni dei quali con lo pseudonimo Amal Kiran. ...]

If it is beyond the prestige of Sri Aurobindo Ashram to officially announce the news of The Passing of Amal Kiran (K.D. Sethna), then nothing can be more absurd. Keeping up with the times and technology is a great survival technique, and if our mandarins chose to cling to Jurassic procedures, then the consequences can be catastrophic. [TNM55]    

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