Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sri Aurobindo is a victim of disinformation

The name of Sri Aurobindo has adorned the media in diverse contexts in the wake of the current Hazare-Ramdev mobilization, but no one cares to point out the vast intellectual chasm involved.  The pioneering role of Sri Aurobindo in the freedom struggle covered a short span but he had published robust rationales for his actions despite trying circumstances. His justifications for radical methods were always prompted by the fact that the country was fighting against a foreign rule. Furthermore, his task was to motivate a largely lethargic mass and activate their patriotic urge. It would, therefore, be anomalous to transpose what Sri Aurobindo did then to the present situation after more than a century.

Sri Aurobindo’s extensive writings on spirituality are well known, though rarely read. Still less is the reception of his glowing insights in the field of socio-political theory. This lack of awareness and appreciation even among the intellectuals in India is corroding the national consciousness. The breathless haste on the one hand and trivia fetishism on the other inflicted by TV journalism has turned serious study an odd occupation. Moreover, the know-all posture of programme anchors is a disincentive for genuine curiosity and further inquiry. Overall, the injustice Sri Aurobindo suffers by way of disinformation and ignorant observations is really pathetic. [TNM55]

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