Friday, July 15, 2011

Being an empty vessel

Subhas didn’t relish the Conversations of the Dead analogy, so let’s try Kargil where Pakistani infiltrators had occupied high altitude vantage points to the great disadvantage of the Indian Army combating from below. Subhas, similarly, has a clear line-of-sight advantage here, while I grapple with his many avatars such as Subbu et al in darkness.

Recalling the Zen master’s counsel, I don’t take his parting dig of being an empty vessel as a pejorative. But Subhas must reveal what are the things he is stuffed with. What is his past record and what has been his role during the Heehs imbroglio? Otherwise, a murderer can as well pose as a saint in his anonymous comments. Why Subhas is unable to understand this simple methodological anomaly is quite perplexing. [TNM55]    

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