Saturday, July 30, 2011

Guha is wrong to club all devotees as rooting for ban

[Amrinder Pahuja - thanxx fr such a nice knowledge abt Sri Aurobindo. i was a great follower of his sayings as i studied in the school which was named after him. 10:12 PM]   

Tusar N. Mohapatra - Yeah, the school is a great opportunity. Later on, of course, it’s purely voluntary and takes an effort to follow his words. [TNM55]

Tusar N. Mohapatra - We should be thankful to Ramachandra Guha for bringing the issue of The Lives of Sri Aurobindo to the mainstream media, albeit belatedly. It is a planted piece, no doubt, but if it stimulates debate at a wider level, then something good might emerge from the whole exercise.

Guha has rightly noted, “Heehs is gently skeptical” of Sri Aurobindo; and this, in fact, is the crux of the matter. Where is the safety if such a person is entrusted with the charge of guarding the entire works of the Masters? Moreover, why should a hostile person be accommodated within the Ashram at all?

Guha is wrong to club all devotees as gunning for the biography. Savitri Era Party, for instance, has been consistently demanding publication of the book in India. [TNM55]       

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