Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Heidegger is trying to put us back into the texture of lived-experience

[(title unknown) from enowning In-der-Blog-sein - The Chasm on the poetry in the work of art.
It should be understood that Heidegger is trying, again, to put us back into the texture of lived-experience where we experience the work itself. As such, to say that art sets into motion the work of truth indicates the work has something to say, some meaning relevant to our participation with it, yet it does not arise solely from us like some noncognitivism. Instead, the art work creates meaning. Thus, we can understand why poetry is chosen. In poetry, there is no structure, no set or established rules to communicate or convey its message. Often, poetry is short, concise and plays at the boundaries of what we think the structure of language could be, and it still achieves to produce meaning. In producing meaning, the work also preserves the truth it set into motion.]

The problem is rather accentuated as we feel battered by the spasmodic Heehs imbroglio. But to let that cloud our perspective for ever won’t mean depriving ourselves the opportunity to “Wade through the brook and tramp through the snow?” [TNM55 - Re: Integral Leadership by Anurag Banerjee Wed 20 Jul 2011 Permanent Link]

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