Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Samalo Pagri Anurag

While Anurag’s devotion and passion is commendable, his initiative in instituting an award is, no doubt, ill-advised. After the latest goof-up, however, he needs to be careful and humble. [TNM]


  1. And now let us treat ourselves to some fine poetry that is fit for the occasion:

    Buddhi Sambhalo Shyam

    The night has come, the day is done,
    Darkness is all around
    A dunce is free, to act as a referee
    On any material that’s found.

    The tamasha is on, all sanity has gone,
    This is called scholarship now
    Excite the crowd, let your own praise be loud
    Push to the forefront somehow.

    Aise hi Shyam dhale
    Aise hi Anurag chale.


  2. Pagri Sambhal Jatta (Shaheed: 1965), Singer: Mohd. Rafi, Lyric & Music: Prem Dhawan. [TNM55]

  3. Dear Tusar-ji, Mohd. Rafi might have sung this poem but who wrote it? Would you have any evidence to suggest that it was Sri Aurobindo to substantiate Anurag's claims?