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Social effectiveness and life-satisfaction

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In his exhaustive work, The Problem of aryan Origins: an Indian point of view, (second enlarged edition, Aditya Prakashan, New Delhi, 1992), (the late) KD Sethna presents his thesis countering the popular view of history. Presented below are excerpts from Pradip Bhattacharya's article High Adventure In Historiography in  the commemorative volume brought out in November 1994 on the occassion of his ninetieth birtday "Amal Kiran Poet And Critc"  edited by Nirodbaran and R.Y. Deshpande.]

The latter may be a surprise to those who have been brought up on the virtues of “ego-strength”, but there is convincing scientific evidence that the detachment furthered by yoga and meditation actually does lead to greater social effectiveness and life-satisfaction. An anecdotal but almost certainly historical support for this comes, besides, in the form of the life of the Buddha, a living example of selflessness, and yet, one of the most influential individuals who ever lived.]

As no modern examples have been cited, attributing “scientific evidence” to a multi-layered myth like “the life of the Buddha” seems like quicksand. [TNM55]  

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