Thursday, July 07, 2011

Subhas’ Achilles’ heel

“The Lives of Sri Aurobindo” authored by an inmate of the Ashram, one Mr. Peter Heehs which evoked mixed responses from the various members of the Ashram.]

Heehs’ hounds are proliferating so fast that their number might soon surpass Homer’s characters. The comment above is, undeniably, well written and well argued, but just one superfluous word, “one” preceding “Mr.” mars the whole persuasion.    

The fact of the matter is that Peter Heehs was not just “one” but “the” Chief of the Archives and “the” Editor of CWSA. Thus, equating him with Shyam Kumari amounts to deceptive twisting of recent history in order to justify and rationalize the hostile biography written by him. QED: Subhas’ ploy flounders. [TNM55] 

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  1. "Tusar's & Anurag's Achilles' heel":

    Tusar has astutely confirmed that those with devious intentions, irrespective of their devotion and passion, are bound to goof up!

    Anurag goofed up because his intentions to discredit the Sri Aurobindo Ashram got exposed. He tried to show off that he is more capable than the SA Ashram by trying to sensationalize not only the most trivial of so-called discoveries (which is most probably anything else but one) but by hastily jumping to conclusions without due consideration. It would quite clearly appear that he is very anxious to show that the research of his Overman Foundation is better than that of the SA Ashram. Long way to go for him... as he will need lots of patience to learn to be humble (even when the pill is hard to swallow) and be careful. Or he needs to learn a few lessons from his comrade Tusar; i.e. give up all hypocrisy and openly come out against the Sri Aurobindo Ashram.

    But, Tusar, even though, unlike your hypocritical comrade, you know how to distinguish a well argued and written comment, I am disappointed to find that just like your comrade you too like to jump to conclusions... and therefore goof up. Because how does my last or preceding comments allow you to erroneously conclude that I am one of Heehs' hounds? Would you have any evidence to substantiate your claims? Or do you, like your comrade Anurag also need to take a few lessons in humility and patience?