Thursday, July 28, 2011

Subjugating Jugal

[Re: Of the sly and insidious Method ... if people hurl bricks at you by RY Deshpande on Wed 24 Mar 2010 04:01 AM IST |  Profile |  Permanent Link “ON THIS SITE IN 1897 NOTHING HAPPENED”
This is an interesting roadsign, but read the date as 1993 when the Revised Edition of Savitri was published. It could also be used for the year 2008, the year of publication of The Lives of Sri Aurobindo brought out by the Columbia University Press. ~ RYD]

[Re: Of the sly and insidious Method ... let us get down to the specifics by Sandeep on Wed 31 Mar 2010 05:59 AM IST |  Profile |  Permanent Link “arrogant, pompous and self-styled scholars and “visionaries” such as Mr. RYD himself.
It is a weakness of the Indian mind that any emphatic assertion of an opinion is automatically conflated with an inflated Ego. In India, people are raised to be deferential (to elders, to the authorities - and in this case Ashram Trustees) so any attempt to question conventional wisdom inevitably results in some such derisive response from a member of the audience. 
There could be many different reasons, high and low, for disagreeing with someone. On the low side, it could be an inability to restrain oneself from ranting. On the high side, a good poet may be able to perceive defects in a poem which an ordinary reader cannot, just as a civil engineer may quickly isolate defects in building construction which a longtime resident may not even notice. 
“It is rather disheartening to see an elderly member of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram behave in such an infantile, immature and even ridiculous manner, particularly publicly.”
Well, at least RYD is "misbehaving" on a blog and not through a biography like Heehs!
Again, the Indian mind automatically understands the importance of institutional allegiance, which the Western mind (and one Westernized Indian) seems to have difficulty accepting.] 

Adversarial politics is bound to be vicious; effective attacks by parties on each other can be an instrument of accountability. But these attacks ought to measure up to the challenges at hand, not exacerbate them.]

Subhas is indignant at our self-promotion, but the blame should lie at the door of Spencer who had diagnosed the survival of the fittest. Strangely, however, he seems to be happy when Heehs is on such a spree, as though the latter holds the sole birthright. Upon successfully subjugating Jugal’s dissenting voice, Heehs has been enjoying as the unchallenged knight for two decades till he ran amuck in 2008. He had the draconian grip over every comma or question mark emanating from the Ashram. Now, understandably, the Net is a pain in his neck. [TNM55]       


  1. Dear Tusarji,

    You evidently live in a world that is monochromatic and which appears to be dominated by a hue called "Heehs". If you think that you and your sympathizers are doing Heehs a disservice by giving him the importance that you are bestowing upon him, you are mistaken. Because it is people like yourself who have made Heehs larger than life. In fact, Heehs seems to occupy some of your lives more than Sri Aurobindo does.

    It is therefore rather hilarious to see you attribute Jugal's or RYD's downfall to the rise of Heehs. For, if they have failed to rise to the occasion that Heehs presented to them and they have instead chosen to fall as a result of their personal attachment to their own limitations, Heehs should hardly be blamed for it.


  2. Yes Subhas we see Heehs is your Guru. And it bothers you much when his damaging approach and lower vital twisted motives are questioned by people who are doing sadhana. But that is not your concern as we can see who your Guru is, and whose worship you are committed to. But this is Sri Aurobindo Ashram and it is not a name it is a living Power working on the whole earth and beyond, but what would you know about that when your Guru is we know who.