Friday, August 19, 2011

Arvind-duo vs. Sri Aurobindo

['Won't budge till Jan Lokpal Bill is passed' Zee News - New Delhi:
Civil rights activist Anna Hazare on Friday set foot on the ...Flanked by his aides Arvind Kejriwal and Suresh Pathare, the Gandhian also ...] [Freedom First - Indian Express Fri Aug 19 2011
His stance is clear, “ab nahin to kabhi nahin”. Arvind Gaur and members of his theatre group Asmita mince no words when they raise their voice against politics of power, violence, injustice, racism, caste issues, communalism, social discrimination and corruption.] 

['Anna Hazare's movement is anti-social justice, manuwadi' Times of India - Avijit Ghosh, TNN | Aug 19, 2011, 09.53PM IST NEW DELHI:
The anti-corruption movement led by Anna Hazare has found huge support across the country. But several prominent dalit activists, intellectuals as well as those writing regularly on dalit issues have severely castigated the movement.]

[Old-timers rubbish parallel drawn with JP movement Hindustan Times - Nivedita Khandekar , New Delhi, August 19, 2011
Old timers associated with the movement in different capacities said though the people’s response is similar to those times, the issues and the leadership cannot be compared.]

[The Hindu : Looking back at the Emergency HARISH KHARE Sunday, Sep 21, 2003 Magazine IN THE PAST
In Bipan Chandra's perspective, J.P. had stumbled upon a misguided mission. J.P.'s agenda was "mere truism"; he was a prisoner at times of "woolly thinking" and at other times of "hazy, naive, and unrealistic thinking". The "total revolution", a concept that J.P. preached, was "at best a romantic notion or a matter of mere rhetoric", " vague and... Tusar N. Mohapatra  -  Aug 17, 2011]

Hazare has at least a pair of Arvind by his side, but not the sympathy of Sri Aurobindo. This agitation is fast metamorphosing into a fascist confrontation as debate and dialogue has been foreclosed. A handful of individuals have turned it into prestige issue and power has gone to their heads. All this, sadly, has been done in a playful, puerile manner. But, when terrible consequences follow, then, the whole country and its innocent citizens will suffer.

Sri Aurobindo is categorical that transformation of human nature is the key to the cure of corruption. Our Arvind-duo, unfortunately, are blissfully unaware of such plain speaking. They promise simple solutions to complex problems. Right thinking people everywhere must campaign to take the wind out of their sails. [TNM55] 

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