Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Civil notoriety

[Lokpal: Ombudsman or Omnipotent Overlord Sandhya Jain 30 Aug 2011
This fascist bill is a recipe for simultaneous paralysis and hyperactivity in all government departments. No minister or officer will take a decision that could bring a motivated Lokpal enquiry; officials will gang up against officers who incur Lokpal anger to save their own skins and salaries; while deals favoured by one or 10 Little Emperors will have smooth passage. No wonder there is no Right to Recall and no clear procedure for removing a corrupt Lokpal. Indeed, the draft does not even envisage the possibility of a corrupt Lokpal. The author is Editor, This article was written as per The Pioneer deadline, prior to the special session of Parliament Back To Home]

However well-meaning the intentions of Jan Lokpal draft bill may be, undermining Parliament’s legislative powers is unacceptable. Luckily India’s MPs did not succumb easily. They summarily rejected the deadline set by Anna and company for passing the Bill. This is correct and needs to be commended. 
Team Anna is not accountable to the electorate or any parliamentary committee, or for that matter anybody at all as far as we can see. They are setting a dangerous precedent for any group with money and muscle to bring people to the streets to dictate their own set of laws. This would be jungle democracy. …
Anna’s fixation in passing his pet Jan Lokpal bill reminds me of a puppet on a string. Naagesh Padmanaban is a US-based Finance Industry professional; he lives in Philadelphia Back To Home]

Srimati Kiran Bedi has visited her erstwhile office (Tihar Prison) in the entourage of its recent most honored guest. The Anna Hazare touch is truly transformative. How else can we explain the phenomenon of Ms. Bedi blossoming into an excellent and lively vaudeville performer from the dour guardian of law and order that she once used to be. Clearly, the struggle against corruption can do wonders for personal development, as was in evidence in her excellent recent performance at Ramlila Maidan.]

[The partyless wonders Shekhar Gupta indian express: Saturday, May 02, 2009
Party politics is the most meritocratic profession of all in democracies.]

[Look who’s talking The Indian Express Wed Aug 31 2011, editorial Admitting the privilege notices would undermine Parliament.
If individual MPs feel defamed, they have the right to legal action, just like any other citizen. But to use Parliament’s extraordinary powers to inhibit free, and howsoever outrageous, speech outside is undemocratic in the extreme and would only undermine Parliament.] 

Any uncivil act or word from an avowedly civil society platform ought to be deplored. The context is also important given the surcharged atmosphere and pan-Indian TV viewers. Instead of leaving the MPs at the mercy of protracted judicial proceedings post-defamation, ensuring protection of their prestige from wanton pronouncements is essential. [TNM55]  

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