Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Cross-pollination and synthesis of ideas is possible

The first philosophy blogger by Amod Lele on Feb.17, 2010, 
Blogs, however, excite me as a new way to do philosophy, one not available to previous generations. What might it mean to do philosophy primarily in this new format? It’s probably too early to tell. But there’s one towering figure in the history of philosophy who gives us a clue as to what it might look like, and his name is Baruch (or Benedictus de) Spinoza.

[(title unknown) from enowning Medard Boss and Heidegger discuss the Vedic clearing. (title unknown) from enowning Peter Wilberg on the event of en-lightenment.]

[Comment on Embodied cognition in Yoga psychology by Sandeep from Comments for Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo & The Mother An indication that cross-pollination and synthesis of ideas is possible.]

While these articles give introduction to the Integral Yoga, they are also full of inspirations and revelations that open to the reader a window to the hidden realities of life. They are insights into our depths, into the mystery of the universe and into the future.]

Internet is a fine institute of learning at the moment and its scope is infinite if one sheds parochial considerations. But recognizing the right arrow-marks remains a challenge, and therefore the need for endorsements and cross-references. Online courses are a roaring success now which help weaning the young into serious thinking and critical reasoning. Long-borne personal prejudices, however, are weeds which need to be removed well in time. [TNM]  

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