Monday, August 22, 2011

Hazare & Hartz

At last some official response surfaces and one would expect that it clears the air to a considerable extent. But the overall tone is pedantic and pedagogical. Excluding oneself from any wrongdoing - like the Hazare's supporters doing at present - also seems to be a fundamental flaw. Avoiding the core irritants is another ruse employed. On the whole, let the hounds come overground, and the era of guerrilla warfare end.

Hartz simplifies the crisis into a neat docket to be consigned to the dustbin. He also decrees its - like Jokepal's - annihilation. But, the realty is a bit more complex and moreover he is hardly the sole arbiter over what the Masters have said. To sever their life and action from their words would be a worst kind of literalism.

When Hartz complains of miscommunication, Kepler's admirably candid posts during the height of war comes to the mind. Loaded polemics and clever cover-ups can easily be discerned and hence blaming the addressee is futile. Hartz, however, may still try to revert to that "primal" mode of writing. [TNM55]

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