Monday, August 01, 2011

Heehsaster Times

Subhas can’t single me out now since Guha has broached the Heehsaster right in the midst of the marketplace and PKD has promptly filed a weighty rejoinder. When riot was anticipated in the very preface of the book, then it is evident that the author never intended to be forgotten so easily. Further, this is certainly not Heehs’ last book. The way Guha is impressed with his treasury of knowledge, a dozen more titles tumbling out of his hard disc is not improbable.

Das Gupta perhaps rightly foresees that a Heehs inside is far less injurious than a Heehs left loose, and therefore, buys time at considerable cost. But the die is cast, and Heehs has moved far ahead of the danger mark. Now that he has duly launched a frontal proxy war, his strategy would be to inflict maximum damage before departing. And his targets are multiple in category. [TNM55]     

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