Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The lame climbs the hill and the moorland

[Re: Mirror of Tomorrow :: 05: The Editing of Savitri—the Mother’s Approach]

The life and times of the direct disciples when the Masters were around are part of the larger mythology which cannot be altered. It was an unprecedented experiment in sublimation of disabilities and deficiencies that were utterly human and helpless while at the same time being steeped in an acute aspiration for self-exceeding. Follies and foibles they displayed and played with, for that is how their precise roles were, to educe diverse facets of the Divine presence, and seduce them to mind more of matters mundane.

All happenings are right therefore, right upto the comma, so to say, which are a treasure trove of grateful remembrance for all of us and to be carried forth right into the aeons ahead. [TNM55] 

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