Sunday, August 21, 2011

Logjam over ontology & democracy

[Which democracy do we want? - The Times of India REBOOTING INDIA. KANTI BAJPAI Aug 20, 2011, 12.00 AM IST ... Of greater significance is the question of democracy. What do we mean by it in India? The Lokpal agitation has brought to the surface a number of viewpoints on democracy. … Some commentators have noted that below the surface, there is a strong current of substantive democracy that is driving the Lokpal agitation. There are those who insist that the real issue is ridding the country of corruption, that to say democracy is in essence to say clean government for all. This is democracy as public honesty.]

[Process Philosophy and OOO from Larval Subjects ... our differences with Whitehead are not failures to understand him (cf. my post on transference), but because of genuine disagreements with Whitehead. For me, there are three basic points of divergence. First, I believe that Whitehead is a complete non-starter so long as his account of God is not severed from his thought and his thought isn’t thoroughly severed from process theology. Following Donald Sherburne, I think that Whitehead’s account of God is incoherent and at odds with the ontological foundations of his own philosophy. Any engagement of Whitehead that doesn’t sever it from his concept of God and substantially modify his ontology is, I believe, a priori to be excluded.] 3:00 PM 

[The Penguin Sri Aurobindo reader - Aurobindo GhoseMakarand R. Paranjape - 1999 - 375 pages - This makes it abundantly clear that no rigid theory or philosophy or system of beliefs or set of rituals can be extrapolated from Sri Aurobindo 's or the Mother's words. Their words were 'a force in action', which therefore ...]

The fact that both scholars and practitioners of politics are perplexed about its meaning in the largest democracy of the world is a landmark event. An equally volcanic occurrence has precipitated by Levi’s confession that their best of ontological laws is flawed. Challenging times for human reason indeed, and therefore, the need to reread The Mother & Sri Aurobindo in search of definite clues for resolving the present predicament. [TNM55]   

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