Wednesday, August 03, 2011

New category under Nadkarni Doctrine

Without being privy to the goings on behind roping in Guha to Heehs’ defence, it can safely be inferred that the whole political agenda fits in squarely and there is no sense of shame in running into the arms of a key category of forces who are opposed to Sri Aurobindo (as laid down in Nadkarni Doctrine). They have been successful in systematically uprooting the Master’s legacy from the national discourse and now wish to avail this opportunity to defame him further.

Guha’s ideological affinity with and proximity to the ruling family of India also raises grave concerns. The needle of suspicion, then, inclines more towards the religious reason than mere political motive. Without nursing any animosity against scholarship proper, the fact that Banerji & Carlson too find it cozy to be in the company of such worthies, speaks volumes. Heehs’ hankering for securing a few crumbs of endorsement from this particular section is also well known.

Now that the whole confrontation has come down to the solitary issue of Heehs’ deportation, the matter, apparently, reflects an emotional hue. But, the long term repercussions are far too serious and any laxity at this juncture is sure to prove extremely costly. The divinity of the Masters has been challenged for the first time in history and that too from within their sacred abode. To pour salt on the wound, diverse shenanigans have been committed with impunity to camouflage this basic fact in utter disregard of the acumen of other vigilant observers.    

This, in fact, is a new category not covered under Nadkarni Doctrine. Inhouse opposition has the potential of inflicting maximum damage with minimum exert especially as sly accomplices of adversaries galore outside. If, additionally, armed with scholarly justifications, they, verily, would wrought havoc. For, then the Ashram will turn into a heaven for arms dealers and sundry swindlers. A stitch in time, let’s hearken to the old and wise saying, saves nine. [TNM55]     

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