Monday, August 15, 2011

Post-Amal Savitri slugfest

We are glad to make known the publication of Sri Aurobindo’s Original Edition of Savitri that had come out first in 1950-51. This was issued in two volumes, volume one containing Part I consisting of the first three Books with 24 Cantos in all, and Parts II & III in the second with nine Books and 25 Cantos. It is almost for sixty years that this precious edition was not available. We must congratulate M/S Savitri Foundation ( and Helios Books ( for undertaking this prized work and bringing it out with every sense of commitment, the prime edition of Savitri. This edition should be the proper basis for every academic and scholarly discussion, even as it is the most valuable possession for the lovers of Savitri that takes them closer to the Yogi-Poet who has gifted to us his consciousness through it. ~ RYD]

We believe that the best procedure could be to take the first complete version that appeared in two volumes in 1950-51 as the basic reference. To take care of the “slips and oversights” that might have occurred in this edition, extensive research notes and references should be provided in a supplementary document; these might include several readings as we have in different drafts. Presentation of data should be the foremost concern in any objective research and editing. It is well appreciated that carrying out such an exhaustive job can never be an easy archival task; but, then, possibly that is the only kind of an undertaking which would be worthwhile, which would do some ‘justice’ to the poem as well as to the poet—if at all we can talk of ‘justice’ in this spiritual context; there should not be any scope for misguiding or misrepresentation. For an alert or observant perceptive reader of tomorrow this data will prove to be of immense value; it might bring another kind of insight to him. When followed, it will also have the advantage of avoiding the charge of introducing in the edited text one’s own likings and dislikings, one’s natural subjective notions regarding matters poetic or spiritual or metaphysical. By presenting such “factual” details of research on the Savitri-drafts a new chapter of study can open out to enter into its spirit in another way.]

[Re: Explore About us by Sandeep on Mon 15 Aug 2011 02:50 AM IST |  Profile |  Permanent Link3) How many editions of Savitri will you re-publish?] 

Aware of my shallow grasp over the wide-ranging scholarship pertaining to Savitri that exists today and the countless sources they owe their origin to, I wish to raise a point of order as regards the propriety of this unilateral move. Local prints of previous edition(s) were available earlier, but this one being blessed by RYD, post-Amal, lends a certain poignancy to the controversy apart from the intended pungency.

The issue has never been debated in its entirety until now, and whatever little was probed over the Net was testimony to the fact that unanimity is nowhere in sight. A formal initiative of convening a committee for deliberations or exchanging considered views via the Web could perhaps have thrashed out a consensus, but we have been presented a fait accompli. Nevertheless, I refuse to believe that the 1993 (revised) edition is devoid of any merit. [TNM55]           


  1. RY Deshpande Wiser than The Mother!

    Finally the cat is out of bag!

    RY Deshpande could wait no longer... time is indeed running out.

    This was the final chance for RY Deshpande's Ego to try to bask, even if only in the pale, grey twilight of it's life.

    Fueled by the ambitious but ephemeral powers of distorted reflections of a fraudulent Helios, with a final stroke of a frustrated arrogance and gasping for self-importance, RY Deshpande has finally proclaimed that:

    He is Wiser, more Enlightened and Devoted to Sri Aurobindo's poem Savitri than The Mother ever was!!!

    Because, if The Mother had no reason to have the 1950-51 edition of Savitri republished, and instead had Dr. Nirodbaran and Mr. Amal Kiran work on two more editions (1954 and 1970/1972) under Her guidance, during a period spanning more than two decades, She must have certainly done so in Her own Wisdom.

    But The Mother's wishes and actions quite evidently seem to matter little to a self-proclaimed visionary of the style of RY Deshpande.

    It becomes equally apparent that RY Deshpande's eulogies of Dr. Nirodbaran and more recently of Mr. Amal Kiran are not only steeped in deep hypocrisy but are evidently entirely aimed at his self-promotion.

    Because if the editions of Savitri that followed the 1950-51 edition are of inferior quality and value, as enunciated by RY Deshpande, the decades of work undertaken by Dr. Nirodbaran and Mr. Amal Kiran, especially those under The Mother's guidance have evidently served little purpose according to RY Deshpande.

    For if this were not so, why would RY Deshpande proclaim that:

    "This edition should be the proper basis for every academic and scholarly discussion, even as it is the most valuable possession for the lovers of Savitri that takes them closer to the Yogi-Poet who has gifted to us his consciousness through it."

    The cat is out of the bag indeed.

    But with its nine lives already gone, will there be a tenth one this time?

    MoDAT Editors.

  2. If Anurag Banerjee has any sense of propriety towards and respect for, firstly The Mother and secondly Amal Kiran, he should cleanse his Overman Foundation blog by removing RY Deshpande's hypocritical eulogies on Amal Kiran, just as he eventually removed Srimati Shyam Kumari's tall story about the Hindi Poem.

    RY Deshpande's insolence has now crossed all limits and it is surprising that Anurag Banerjee tolerates it. Or does he believe that the 1970-72 edition of Savitri that was published by The Mother is to be chucked into the bin and replaced by RY Deshpande's own edition of Savitri?

    If the so-called republication of the 1950-51 by RYD is such a historical and important achievement, how is it that the Overman Foundation is completely mum about it?

    Where is the Truth in all this?

    Or is everyone only playing a game of convenience, one-upmanship and of self-promotion while unscrupulously using the Savitri, The Mother, Amal Kiran, etc., as convenient pedestals on which to stand and loudly proclaim one's "devotion."