Friday, August 05, 2011

Rescuing Mother India

Now that Ravi, Hemant Kapoor, & Ranganath Raghavan have come out of the wings, we welcome them onstage. It is hoped that the journal remains a journal and not reproduce boring book-length compilations. Not only that offers the flavour of a bouquet but also provides the much needed space for aspiring writers. Any deviation is obviously arbitrary which harms the authors and hurts the readers. Altering any implicit mandate unilaterally is also a violation of the contract with the subscribers.  

Another concern is how to rescue the review from the grips of the past.  Contemporary issues and events should have a presence in the horizon of the magazine. The editors should shed the Archives mindset and rewire for Facebook wavelength. When India is fast galloping to occupy the global centrestage, why should Mother India lag behind? [TNM55]   

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