Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Restoring sanctity of dialogue

[Speak for yourself Can a referendum really be a true blueprint in a democracy? The Indian Expresseditorial: Wed Aug 03 2011
The dangers of direct democracy have been made clear around the world. Popular demands need to be mediated and filtered through representative institutions, in order to be just. … The larger point is, we must be wary of referenda that claim to speak for the public at large — the only trusted way to deliver on the people’s will is through democratic institutions.]

Savitri Erans too are suffering in the absence of representative institutions. Chicanery and subterfuge is proliferating as the sanctity of institutionalized dialogue has been jettisoned. Masked horror stories have become the order of the day replacing civilised conduct and neighbourly negotiation. And the amazing (as well as agonising) aspect is, all this is happening amongst avowedly spiritual aspirants. By applying time tested democratic procedures, therefore, appropriate correctives can be put in place. [TNM55]

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