Saturday, August 06, 2011

Support Savitri Era Party instead of scoundrels

[by Vikas on Thu 06 Aug 2009 Permanent Link
"Patriotism as envisioned by The Mother & Sri Aurobindo" is good. Yoga and dedication to the Divine need not preclude Patriotism; it ought to intensify it. It would be well to remember Sri Aurobindo's message on 15th Aug 1947 Independance Day. India has a great role to play in the future of humanity. 7:34 PM]

The chaotic and depressing scenario prevailing in the country today alerts us to the urgency of the message of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo. Political expediency and ideological bankruptcy coupled with undeserved ambition and moral degradation is fast corroding the national life like never before. This is not to say that human goodness and honesty has vanished. But a wrong set of people occupying the leadership positions are pushing the country to the brink.

Savitri Era Party, with all its good intentions, is yet to take off in any substantial manner. This happens because people are willing to support sizable monsters or voluble scoundrels. These forces are also benefited by default on behalf of the non-players and fence-sitters alike. Hence, the challenge now is to be proactive and speak in terms of specifics. Waxing eloquent in abstract language is nothing but deception and aiding deferment. Wake up to the choice to make: Lead or Be led. [TNM55]    

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