Thursday, September 08, 2011


After the advent of Internet, one thought that there would be swift occurrence of concurrence with increased access to information and exchange of opinion. A hint is enough for the discerning and hence with a little effort it would be possible to convince considerable number of people. But the reality is almost the opposite. The tendency to cling to ghettoised thinking is very much alive and kicking. 

It is futile, therefore, to expect that intellectual swordsmanship can earn substantial following. People are more prone, on the contrary, to kowtow to seats of power and institutional patronage. In other words, irrational reasons reign over realms of reason. This constitutes, in addition, a serious methodological hurdle in most situations as astute seeming verdicts can be tainted. The ultimate solution, of course, is the utopian disinterested deciphering of co-horizons. [TNM55]

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