Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fast learning by Hazare

The JLB campaign has acquired a jalebi-like complexity now and they are in a dilemma whether to support the Yatra or not. Right to recall and allied issues are also being weighed for pursual in future. Critical circumstances force fast learning and hence Hazare grappling with multiple problems faced by the country is an appreciatable development. That fasting is not at all a solution for these must have, by now, been brought home notwithstanding the celebrity endorsements flashed on TV last month.

Several times in the past we have recalled the Mahanta syndrome and Kejriwal looks like just another version of it. It's easy to raise hopes but difficult to deliver. The overall scenario, however, will definitely impart some impact on the UP elections due next year.

Dalits and minorities have not extended their support to Hazare with valid reasons. Deep fissures pervading the Indian society can't be wished away overnight. Rather addressing them with sympathy and sincerity should have been the first priority. It is, therefore, better if Hazare forms a political party and not engage in politics in a roundabout way. [TNM55]

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