Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Gadkari is the future PM

Marathi is the media through which Deshmukh was able to placate Hazare. But the Marathi saga doesn't end there. How skilfully and dictatorially Bhagwat foisted an unknown Gadkari upon BJP when it was in disarray is recent memory. 

"Who takes him seriously," Chidambaram minced him recently; but like it or not, the country should take this Marathi future Prime Minister seriously. Modi is unacceptable to NDA, and hence, Bhagwat has the golden opportunity to anoint a fellow Marathi.

Hazare is a godsend in the run up to the great Marathion. Many may not be comfortable with this gameplan, but Bhagwat brooks no dissent. [TNM55]

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