Sunday, September 25, 2011

Glorifying a soiled hand

Miovic's earnestness is really contagious and one feels dwarfed before the loftiness of his sentiments propelling the proposals for improving the book. Seidlitz, too, has promptly endorsed his initiative; and this shows an acute hunger for normalisation of relations at play. Nothing can be more welcome and it is in the interest of everyone. We wish Godspeed to Miovic's endeavours.

One concern, however, continues to trouble. The focus of both Miovic's and Seidlitz's posts is the book and how valuable it is. Secondly, a revised edition doesn't annul the previous edition(s) automatically. Although, it is quite clear that the book-centric approach is a common characteristic of Westerners, to create an impression that somehow we are orphaned without a good book amounts to going overboard.

No person, no institution, no book, and no ideology can equal even a fraction of the memory of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo and their achievements. Glorifying a soiled hand, therefore, can hardly be a virtuous deed. [TNM55]

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