Monday, September 05, 2011

Hazare hurricane

Globalisation and urbanisation is transforming the landscape of India and the mindscape of its people. Science and technology no longer inspire awe as it used to through the last century. Rather, myth and hype are more sought after and celebrated. The reason being a slew of management mantras have focused on building brands from scratch by manipulating attention space. The recent Hazare hurricane too is no exception.

Our beliefs and convictions, like economic decisions, are anchored to self-interest. Inertia and apprehension also prevent the possibility of course correction. As a result, majority of population remain unaffected by any new thought current. But they are easily drawn towards popular symbols and sensational happenings. 

Election campaigns too are not free from these aberrations. But, the presence of multiple players acts as a safety valve. In a situation like the Hazare's, conversely, the promoters' zeal for an all out confrontation can really be hazardous. It's, therefore, essential to judge this new phenomenon with a cool head as to its calibration under social contract obligations and canons of sheer civility. [TNM55]

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