Friday, September 23, 2011

Hazare, Ramdev, and Modi

Hazare, Ramdev, and Modi have had their well-publicised fasts and thus foisted themselves upon the dominant consciousness of the nation. It is, basically, a playing up of individual charisma marshalling as the messiah which wraps a lot of artifice and chicanery. Mere mobilising a huge mob cannot be the passport to the exalted domains of morality, and therefore, any appropriation of semi-religious aura by them must receive tempered assessment.

TV loves spectacle, and hence any crowd or carnival swiftly crawl over the panel; but hard to clawback once the novelty is over. The strategy, therefore, should be to focus on long term targets and build commensurate infrastructure. A political party is the most appropriate instrument for dealing with all collective affairs in a democracy.

The leadership tussle within BJP betrays lack of institutional maturity and disregard for norms. Courage to spell out stand with clarity on various public policy matters is missing which impedes leadership discovery. Strangely, media explosion has enforced gag orders on party functionaries.

Truth and justice, accordingly, are aeons away and any talk of higher consciousness sounds like a cruel joke. It is better - and much more honest - to talk sense, at least common sense, and find some means to walk the same howsoever feeble it may seem. [TNM55]

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