Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Heehs should write unhindered

The book precedes the ban and its cause and so must be brought to book. Any attempt to whitewash the caustic remarks can never conceal the original sin. Why such a hostile publication emerged from the womb of the Ashram won't be consigned to the dustbin of history.

Heehs' stay in the Ashram, disregarding widespread feelings, is untenable. His writing career, besides, can best flourish unhindered once he says goodbye to the Ashram. Since he is scarcely religious in his relations to the Ashram, mere economic reasons should not be his bondage.

Just consider what a relief would it be to the fellow inmates and the administration alike. Devotees all over the globe will also heave a sigh of relief. One person voluntarily changing residence can be a boon to thousands of people across the world. Is it too much to expect this? [TNM55]

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  1. Dear Tusar,

    You have got your facts completely wrong. Firstly, it is only a minority, though the most vocal, that finds fault with the book. The majority have no problems with the book and many even find it excellent. This is of course among those who took the trouble of reading the book and verifying on their own instead of blindly believing motivated rumors.
    Secondly, it is only a handful of bigots in the ashram that want to have the book banned and have Heehs expelled from the ashram. The majority in the ashram isn't bothered by the petty politics that is being played out by these bigots.
    Thirdly, it is not Heehs who is harassing the ashram administration, but it is that same handful of bigots who are doing so by the taking the ashram to court on frivolous matters.
    Lastly and thankfully the ashram administration has acted in the interest of Humanity by upholding the values and principles that Sri Aurobindo enunciated and thereby haven't succumbed to the whims and fancies of a few bigots.
    Heehs' critics and enemies may not like these facts and will try to drag the ashram administration into this mess, but their actions speak for themselves and louder than all the misinformation that is being propagated around.