Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Hidden agenda behind Hazare agitation

[The main issue of Hazare's campaign has been corruption.]

Terming the Hazare agitation an anti-corruption one is like labelling The Lives as a biography of Sri Aurobindo. Skipping the sub-text and the hidden agenda - with copious evidence  surfacing - can never be the attribute of a diligent observer. The epic fight of which Hazare was reduced to a mere mascot or perhaps a prisoner should attract scrutiny in all its multifarious dimensions. 

The most sinister aspect, however, are - like in the Heehs imbroglio - the lies. Setting impractical deadlines for the Parliament was nothing but befooling the public. The three issues that finally were debated are simply laughable in terms of their significance and the climb-down was ridiculous. Even then a victory was duly contrived and was celebrated. Hypocrisy of this scale is like robbery in the broad day light and is tantamount to corruption of no mean magnitude. 

No one expects the crowd wearing crowns of morality, but the vanguards should have been honest enough to distinguish between the bill and the ideal. This agitation in alliance with the media, therefore, is a dangerous concoction from which a safe distance is well advised. [TNM55]

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