Friday, September 30, 2011

Kudos to RYD

How many people have read On the Origin of Species or, for that matter, The Interpretation of Dreams, but most would have an impression of what the book is about and its general message. Similar is the case with most works of fiction as well as movies. Hence, to claim that only those who have thoroughly read The Lives of Sri Aurobindo are entitled to have any say about it is a bit arbitrary. Reviews and comments form a major source of information about books, and remarks of controversial nature attract substantially more attention space. A ban, itself, is an alert and an advertisement as well.

Kudos to RYD for venturing to utter utterly unpalatable words regarding Nolini, Nirod, Amal, and even The Mother in connection with Savitri revision. The rigidity shown by the Heehs camp all through The Lives controversy is a pointer as to why so much of reverence is showered upon these three disciples. They are being depicted even in better light than Sri Aurobindo himself. Too much of devotion, says an Odia proverb, is the sign of a thief. And hence, it will be appropriate to revisit the entire history of Savitri publishing with transparency.

All these are matters of immense priority, but the foremost among them is how to get rid of Manoj Das Gupta. [TNM55]

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