Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The menace of Hitler is far from over

Much ambivalence is seen in the attitude of many leaders towards the colonial rulers before independence. The struggle for freedom was also marked by periodical dialogue and negotiation. Thus, it was a collaborative process couched in legality and even today the benefits of the Raj are often recalled.

The regime of Hitler, by contrast, is denounced almost universally. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo were among the first to recognise his diabolic intentions. Fighting him through their spiritual force is firmly part of their mythology now.

The menace of Hitler, however, is far from over. It is returning in many forms to thwart the work of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo. It is not by issuing gag orders or feigning artificial unity that the adverse forces can be tackled. The allurements of the Asura are many and, hence, utmost vigilance is needed to evade its illusions. [TNM55]

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