Sunday, September 25, 2011

Removing the irritants

Seidlitz's assessment of the book seems like the pin stuck in the same groove while playing an old record. All he says as regards an academic book cannot be contested, but why the same should be authored by the Chief, Archives remains unanswered. Why there should be Ashram's stamp of approval upon it is not explained.

He forcefully affirms that the book doesn't denigrate Sri Aurobindo implying thereby that all those who have protested may not be careful readers. But, it is overlooked that the opposition, basically, is against certain adverse remarks and insinuations found in the book. This prejudice, obviously, prevents any fair judgement of the book, which, in fact, is considered unnecessary.

All these are, of course, common sense and no rocket science. What is needed is a candid admission of these irritants by leaving the ivory tower behind. [TNM55]

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