Sunday, September 18, 2011

Resist RSS

[After image overhaul, Modi will have to keep RSS at bay
Akshaya Mishra Sep 17, 2011
At the lower organisational level there’s a very thin line dividing the RSS shakhas and the BJP’s own organisation in terms of personnel and activities. The BJP is not too strong organisationally yet to assert its independence and chart its own course of action. It is one of the reasons the party has not grown fast.]

Sikhs are demanding for long to be free from the shackles of Hindu Code Bill and allied laws. We from the Savitri Era Religion also demand the same so that our distinct identity is recognised by one and all. As worshipers of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo, we don't believe in the mythologies of other religions, nor celebrate their festivals. This, surely, is a reason for a lot of social tension and conflict within the families. But, that is the price we have to pay to be loyal to our Religion and help it spread. One may delude oneself by quoting scripture to the contrary, but there are no soft options.

Many might have enjoyed the comfort and safety of being under the Hindutva umbrella with the illusory idea that Sri Aurobindo too advocated kindred opinions. Nothing is farther from truth, and it is incumbent upon each of us to resist RSS infiltrating our organisational network and propagating their pre- modern ideology. Not succumbing to emotive campaigns like Ram-sethu or mandir is also a challenge.

Modi will be the prime focus till the next elections, and there won't be any fence-sitter in this edition of Mahabharata. Savitri Erans have an epochal role to play in this epic battle. Stay tuned. [TNM55]

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