Sunday, September 04, 2011

Task is ours

[The Hindu : NATIONAL / NEW DELHI : In the capital today - Sri Aurobindo Ashram: Panel discussion on India's potential as the “Vishwa Guru”, Sri Aurobindo Marg, 10 a.m..]

This is a perennial theme and the Hazare phenomenon is likely to dominate the deliberations. This would, however, be a welcome change as the abstract notion of india is replaced by someone specific. But whether he really is up to the mark is a highly contested topic at the moment.

Be that as it may, it has now been drilled into our minds that India needs good laws and regulators. It must set its own house in order before aspiring to become anything akin to Vishwa Guru. But the irony is that the elite of the country settle for good life and the spiritualists stay silent spectators. This is no way for a nation to grow to greatness.

The time has come for us to realise that abdicating the comfort of the lectern and entering direct action is an imperative. Training in this type of work is a continuous process and acquiring wherewithal happen progressively. Instead of Hazare hijacking the initiative, why don't we take the lead? [TNM55]

I was wary of my comment being deleted, and hence, couldn't put it clearly. I'm not against anyone supporting or opposing Hazare. My concern is whether we the readers of the Mirror should follow this advisory? (although it was late in the day) [TNM55]

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