Sunday, September 11, 2011

Transforming politics

Heehs imbroglio brought into focus fault-lines concerning religion dovetailing into a quasi-racial divide. Hazare hurricane also gave a peep into the kind of chasms that we would be negotiating when confronted with stark political choices. Prudence recommends considered opinions instead of impromptu decisions. A political party seeks to inculcate consensus regarding a vast array of conflicting issues conforming to communitarian values and humanitarian ideals.

Just because politics has not been able to match those expectations in the past is no reason that it must be avoided. If yoga holds the key to transformation of human nature, it can do the same to politics as well. Dread of committing grammatical gaffes need not deter us from expressing ourselves.

If you say I don't take tea, there is every likelihood of someone asking why. Coalitions, similarly, have lately become so common that the will for taking uncompromising positions has dwindled, substantially. But, we have no such compulsions at the moment, and hence, may march alone. [TNM55]

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