Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Beware of Leftist lip service

[Redistribution is not inclusion growth
By on Tue, 18 Oct 2011 23:57:28 GMT
Only in India does redistribution, which keeps the poor and marginalised out of the mainstream of the economy, pass for inclusive growth.]

[When Tatas issued shares on 26th August 1907, for the first time in the financial history of the country, the Indian people - the masses, the affluent and the common people -joined hands to put up the first truly Indian enterprise. The Tata family contributed the remaining 11% shares of the Tata Iron and Steel Company Limited.]

Democracy forces the politicians to twist the facts to make it palatable for the public. Even, established economic principles suffer the same fate at the time of elections. However, when the results of a sound economy becomes visible, then even the most unwilling change opinion. India Shining or India Story is firmly on track despite temporary setbacks.

Efforts are on to modify the Basic Structure of the Constitution of India on the basis of street level activism. Experience says that not the Constitution but the persons in office are to blame. By strengthening these institutions much improvement can be expected.

Patriotism is on the wane as a matter of fact and the country is perceived as a huge Corporate house from which each one must derive the maximum benefit. Freedom, in such a situation, is the only regulation for individuals to chase their dreams. The poor in India are not a monolithic block. The number of people who say Goodbye to poverty and backwardness everyday is not insignificant. So beware of Leftist lip service! [TNM55]

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