Monday, October 31, 2011

Freedom and synthesis

The notion of religion is so strongly instilled into all of us that even the secularists theorise about it in a uniform pattern. The major religions are those which are of ancient origin and have the largest adherents. The fact that around a dozen fit the bill, the plurality of religions is taken for granted. No new religion is recognised as one nor any new book as scripture. The old religions are considered as ensuing from God and new entrants are dismissed as man made. A stiff resistance persists against any future flawless theology.

Then, there is the stipulation that religion = dogma. That a new religion can be free from it is not accepted. Why a new religion should copy all the features of old religions is never explained. This bias against a modern day religion by scholars of repute is a major methodological error.

Savitri Era Religion owes its origin to the divinity of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo with Savitri & The Life Divine as scriptures. No routine or ritual is prescribed signifying practice and devotees are free to devise their own system by following their own inspiration. Besides, no initiation procedure or conversion prevails at present. As a synthesis of Judeo-Vedic legacies, this modern religion is free of obscure mythology but owns a highly sophisticated and scientific ontology. [TNM55]

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