Sunday, October 09, 2011

Hazare and Jobs

The media overdrive relating to Hazare and Jobs are frightening instances of a connected world. The danger of communication being a double-edged sword looms large in Orwellian premonition. A fast or a death is, of course, a potent trigger for whipping up emotional frenzy. But when it spreads to the level of mass hysteria, then it is worthwhile to question the role of the media, the commercial angle, and the political fall outs.

Such occasions are also seen by many as a passing carnival and nothing is taken seriously, the result being cynicism. This way of dumbing down leads to further disempowerment of the ordinary citizen and disillusionment among the young. Orchestrated affirmative action measures, therefore, are a must to counter the overpowering media menace. [TNM55]

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