Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hazare hurricane lacks honesty

['Brand Anna' holds vital lessons for marketers 11 Oct, 2011, 1307 hrs IST, IANS
NEW DELHI: If you have an idea that connects with people, you can make the right impact on large groups, even huge populations. This explains the unprecedented success of Anna Hazare's anti-graft campaign, which helped him morph into a brand, holding vital lessons for marketing and the ad world, says a study by a leading public relations firm. ...
"The Hazare campaign reminds us that simplicity is the key to successful branding," said Shergill.]

The Hazare hurricane is evolving and it is difficult to predict its future course, but its success so far is certainly not based on honesty. Latching on to the JLB one-point programme, the campaign has used emotional blackmail like fasting to arouse public support. Cultural propaganda routes have also been employed by harnessing music, poetry, and theatre. Besides, appropriate slogans have been raised to create a religio-patriotic fervour. If all this lead to Hissar, then the fall is apparent.

Success without integrity is bound to be short-lived. Sincerity (sine-cera = no wax fillings in the marble statue) is rather the most precious ingredient to build something enduring. [TNM55]

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