Monday, October 03, 2011

Interpreting the present

[In Memoriam Shyamsunder Jhunjhunwala, whom the Mother appointed as the Secretary of Auroville in 1971, passed away in July at his home in Pondicherry. Shyamsunder played a key role in the early days of Matrimandir's construction and the development of Auroville, and throughout his life he remained faithful to his commitment to the Mother to ensure that the Matrimandir was completed. Long after he was no longer secretary, he continued to raise funds for this central work. He will be remembered for his clever wit, his wry sense of humour, and his unwavering fidelity to Matrimandir. He authored several books and continued to churn out the editorials for Sri Aurobindo's Action magazine up to the end, despite his often fragile health. Matrimandir - Newsletter October 2011

Sri Aurobindo's Action, with its emphasis on the socio-political, has been a great inspiration. Along with M.P. Pandit's editorials in World Union, Shyamsunder dwelling on current affairs, in whatever circumvent manner, used to guide and perhaps prepare us for the present task. (Prapatti, of course, was the original energy for recruiting us on a mass scale in Odisha.)

As children are born everyday, communication remains a challenge, always. Passing away of our seniors should wake us up to the responsibility devolving upon us in this regard. In a way, our difficulties are much greater as time and technology enlarge the vista of human civilisation incessantly, in an unprecedented velocity as well as variety.

Interpretation, and not mere quoting, compiling, and paraphrasing, therefore, should be attempted by our green horns. Our vessels must venture out leaving the safety of the harbour behind. And more importantly, it must carry people in real time instead of simply singing a paean for the sublime destiny of man in the course of its sojourn through the high seas. [TNM55]

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