Thursday, October 13, 2011

Model Ashram

Indian professionals, we hear, do well abroad because of their firm grounding in cultural diversity. Some attribute it to the Perennial Philosophy ingrained in growing up in India. Without any acquaintance with non-Indians, it is, of course, difficult to rely upon such generalisations; but The Mother choosing India as her field of work remains a compelling proof.

Cinema, art, poetry, theatre etc. contributed to the task of nation building in their own way. Commerce, industry, and economy also found their feet during these years. What was happening in Puducherry and later initiated in Auroville in a rudimentary form was already happening all over the country, the result of which we find today in a vibrant India.

It is better not to talk about Yoga and Spirituality in view of the controversies and court cases involving the Ashram at present. But as a commune engaged in diverse economic activities including publishing, its performance can be said to be fairly satisfactory. With a bit of fine tuning in its functioning, it can be an example of successful collective living for others to emulate.

The road to perfection is long and winding. Over-promise and under-delivery is nothing but quackery. The key, therefore, is to wade through the mud with the hope to chance upon a pearl. [TNM55]

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