Monday, October 10, 2011

Karan vs. Kireet

Santosh Desai has ably deconstructed The divine middlemen (TOI, 10 October 2011) by highlighting how politics in India is now eager to engage with religion. Ultra-secular politics in the West is wilting, and hence, the present experiment in India may not be altogether irrelevant. But the all important question is direction. Of our two most recognisable public faces, Dr. Karan Singh serves Sonia and Kireet Joshi serves Modi. The future of the country, on the contrary, is in the need of an independent ideology anchored to The Mother & Sri Aurobindo.

Hazare in Hissar is certainly a turning point and Hindutva chances are on the upswing. Any temptation to align with them, therefore, has serious repercussions and constitutes fall from the path. To walk along Evolution and against it are a binary, and unfortunately for the fence-sitters, there are no vistas of grey between them. [TNM55]

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