Monday, October 10, 2011

Lack of leadership leads to loss of liberty

India and an individual occupy widely separated levels upon a scale of ethics. But they converge considerably within the confines of Integral Yoga. The underlying reason being the concept of Nation Soul that Sri Aurobindo has famously endorsed. This, of course, relates to his First Dream, and as we move further, we encounter larger visualisations.

Politics was forbidden in the Ashram because of some practical reasons. Achieving a kind of intensity was the objective by obviating concern for basic needs in a protected environment. Since the same situation cannot be replicated everywhere, avoiding politics means shirking responsibilities. Lack of leadership traits can mean subjugation and loss of liberty, ultimately. India under foreign rule is an apt example of this with which we are so tragically familiar.

Agreed that temperamental and situational factors may be demotivational for many. But to raise a slogan that politics/religion is inadmissible in Yoga smacks of myopia and literalism. Free opinion is a democratic right but searching for insight is a more valued pursuit. [TNM55]

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