Thursday, October 06, 2011

The monkey & a pair of horns

[Generosity - Larval Subjects on 06/10/2011
Now, in some respects we all thought that none of us fully understood each other’s positions. So we took the time to explain and clarify our respective positions. In other respects, we were involved in an exploratory dialogue, trying to make sense of things, trying to make sense of the world around us, trying to grow. This wasn’t an adversarial cage match where we were beginning with fixed and pre-established positions and where the last person standing “wins”– indeed, there was no “winning” about it –this was a generous discussion of people trying to navigate their way through the world. None of us wished to demolish the others and all of us were rooting for each other. Each of us gained something through each other and saw things that we couldn’t see through our own lessons. Okay, I admit that I literally pounded the table at one point in the discussion, but in a generous way!]

Miovic, whose diction and position seemed to mimic Kepler's, came up with some outside the box propositions, but beats a hasty retreat. Seidlitz too, on second thoughts, has shrunk in his initial enthusiasm. If anyone, on the basis of online conversations, imagines that Heehs has a pair of horns, then the blame squarely devolves upon Heehs himself. He has studiously maintained a stony silence by marshalling his minions to fight tooth and nail. In the absence of any personal acquaintance and dependent as we are upon the leaks on the web, it has been thoroughly frustrating during the last three years to acquire any inkling of his intentions. This systematic stonewalling has been a major reason for escalation of conflicts as dialogue is a casualty.

Conceding to Carlson's accusation of incoherence, it can still be claimed that the book is not the primary issue is what we have pointed out on several occasions. Resisting religious fundamentalism faction was in operation much earlier of which the book was only one ammunition (their website, of course, surfaced later). This quasi-political ideological divide is definitely not easy to bridge given the political realities obtaining in India and the USA.

The monkey here, who happily gobbles up chunks from both sides, sadly, is Manoj Das Gupta. He has proved beyond any doubt how human greed can inflate to asuric proportions. [TNM55]

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