Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Navigating Hazare

The elaboration of Banal Hindutva by Jyotirmaya Sharma (Mail Today, 17 October 2011) reminds of The Bourgeois and the Samurai (On Nationalism, pp.336-354) by Sri Aurobindo. Middle class complacence is a social reality and by enumerating a few characteristics of them is not a safe way to classify their political affiliations. Nor is it prudent to blame the public within a democracy, for the same people also unseat hated rulers.

Rather, the political parties have failed India. They don't stick to any ideological mooring and enter into unholy alliances to win elections. Their opportunist leaders resort to all kinds of populism in order to be in currency. However, these are defects of democracy itself and can't be attributed to people.

Hazare has already happened and hence it is futile to analyse how and why he reached here. The future course is still fluid and with right ideological navigation much good can be earned. People like Sharma would do well to popularise the perspective of Sri Aurobindo as an alternative. [TNM55]

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