Sunday, October 02, 2011

Packaging mantra

India under Sonia is a shameful episode. The secrecy, servility, and sycophancy that has spawned during her regime easily makes many medieval tyrants seem virtuous. She not only implies a continuation of the colonial monarchy, but also symbolises the missionary expansionism of Christianity. Both are humiliating for ordinary Indians and more so at the sight of meek and anaemic ministers parroting the party line.

The ongoing Ramdev & Hazare movements, on the other hand, bring in chaos and colour to the democracy fair. Untested and undefined, they surely add to the confusion of the electorate. The Hindutva subtext is also a perplexing dimension. Besides, personality cult leading to fascist functioning remains a prime apprehension.

Thanks to the Heehs imbroglio, we have had debates surrounding ideological niceties to a large extent. (The Savitri controversy lacks the same and hence hardly interests.) The task, therefore, is how to present a manageably packaged thesis burnished in the teachings of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo before the nation in order to give the Gandhis and Gandhians a run for their money. [TNM55]

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